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Prudence and responsibility of citizenship when traveling to Easter 2011

Prudence and responsibility of citizenship when traveling to Easter 2011

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. During the first phase of operation will go out 523,000 vehicles in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona and, along the second will make 403,000 vehicles. During the return operation is expected that 621,000 vehicles will travel again to Barcelona and its area of ​​influence this year is expected to increase mobility between 2 and 3% over the previous year is one of the differentiating factors to consider, as well as Easter falls in late April and coincides with St George's campaign to urge the SCT and drivers to adopt attitudes and civic responsibility to prevent accidents and minimize the lesivitat road The Director of the Catalan Traffic Service (SCT), John Aregio, has requested the contribution of all citizens to ensure maximum mobility as possible to secure the roads and avoid accidents Catalan days in a concentrated high mobility. In fact, the campaign aimed at users of public roads during the holidays, either through radio stations such as variable message panels, appeals to prudence and responsibility. In this sense, Aregio stressed the importance of working together "because everyone can go back home." The Director of the SCT, John Aregio, along with the head of the Traffic Division of the Police Force, Commissioner Michael Esquius have explained what the special traffic Easter established from Friday April 15 at 15 pm until Monday 25th at 24 pm Aregio reminded that the Easter holiday period is one of more road traffic problems in Catalonia. It also stressed that "this year there are a number of components compared to previous years differentials. So this holiday period may be more complex than usual. " This year Easter al'endarrerir up until late April, you can change the destination drivers who choose to spend these days of leisure. In this sense, everything suggests that the geographical distribution of displacement is especially toward the beach areas, such as the Costa Dorada and Costa Brava Girona, Tarragona, which affect coastal road corridors. The weather forecasts and the likelihood of climate favors the boom days of travel. That is the feast of St. George on Saturday suggests that many people outside of Barcelona to take advantage of moving to the Catalan capital and can enjoy the celebration and, therefore, that the Sabbath is also conflicting with regard to mobility. According to traffic data of recent months in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona is expected to increase mobility of 2% or 3%. Thus, taking into account all these circumstances, the SCT expected to start operation this year's Easter together mobilized some 926,000 vehicles in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona, ​​which will be distributed in two phases, while the forecast suggests that they will return 621,000 vehicles during the Sunday evening and all Monday.  

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