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I Romesco Days of Tarragona in Serrallo

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. Ist Romesco Days of Tarragona were presented at Seraglio with the presence of the Councillor for the area of the Seraglio, Jose Cosano and President of the Association of Restorers and Dealers of the Seraglio (ARCS), the boat Leandro Matias Tarragona Blue. The intention of the Restaurant Association and traders Seraglio (ARCS) is exported Romesco Tarragona, give it known here and abroad, and to have 20 restaurants with tasting menus romescaires twenty different from the best quality. ARCS Tarragona want them to feel like Romesco, which make flag and inr, and much, but better to try it, the taste, the Seraglio. For this reason, have organized a conference to be held from 12 to 21 November, the Conference of Romesco and Tarragona. The main sponsor of the conference and Romesco Tarragona is unpublished, beer gourmet Damm, who has been integrated into all the menus romescaires Seraglio. Also offered for tasting at the tasting unpublished Popular Romesco. The minister stressed "the importance of initiatives like this that give impetus to trade and are an attraction for people to approach the Seraglio." The conference born from the need to Seraglio had to do some activity that showed the good restaurants that are cooking in the neighborhood and find a dish that unites to twenty restaurants in the ARCS was not at all difficult, the romesco: a old sauce, which everyone knows ol'ha tested, used to make hundreds of variations of dishes, especially fish, but meat, poultry, etc. ... Hot or cold, the Romesco is always a touch of excellence to a plate.  

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