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Advice for control of Aedes albopictus in Tarragona

Advice for control of Aedes albopictus in Tarragona

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. Since 2008 it has detected the presence of Aedes albopictus in Tarragona during the summer months. The mosquito that comes from Southeast Asia, has some distinguishing characteristics of the common mosquito. It is a mosquito with a characteristic color and size ranges between 2 and 10 mm. One of its most damaging is this insect that breeds in any natural cavity that has water and in artificial containers: barrels, sinks, dishes, pots or other containers, which are much smaller. Unlike other mosquitoes can breed in this small accumulations of water. It is especially active during the day and focuses mainly on the outside of houses. It prefers shady areas and the radius of action is relatively short (about 400 meters from the breeding site). Most outbreaks of mosquito breeding tigers are found in private gardens and courtyards, and that's why collaboration is essential for public mosquito control. The bite of the Aedes albopictus has no feature that distinguishes a sink occurs mainly during the day and number of bites. What can we do to prevent it? We must remove the maximum number of sites of accumulation of water: - Cleaning twice a week outside of the containers that may hold water: toys, ashtrays, vases, buckets, plastic pools, etc ... - Cleaning twice a week or covered with thick canvas mosquito pools are small ponds and - Remove the dishes under the pots. If not possible, flush them when water accumulates - Change water weekly in the plants that live in water - Keep swimming pools covered when not in use - Change water in pet regularly - Ensure that wells, cisterns, tanks or barrels of water are properly covered - Cover the holes in tree trunks and branches, filling them with sand - Avoid accumulation of water in drains or drainage areas - Avoid the holes and depressions in the ground where water can accumulate - Remove the continued presence of objects in general can accumulate rainwater What to do in case of bites? If stung, wash the area well and disinfected. Treatment is symptomatic. The ammonia or other bases are very useful. In the case of persistent discomfort, consult your doctor. Avoiding bites Clothing with long sleeves and long pants (preferably light colored) and socks. When using repellents, bear in mind that chemicals are therefore: - Only use them outdoors, complying strictly with the terms of use, especially regarding the number of daily applications indicated - Do not apply to children under 2 years in older children avoided as far as possible, avoiding the application at hand, since they can put in the mouth or eyes - It is advisable to apply to clothes - When not necessary repellent, skin must be cleaned with soap and water - If you show any reaction to the skin, wash the area and consult your doctor .  

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