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The Nativity of the stars attracts more than a thousand people on the first day

Vandellòs. L'Hospitalet de l'Infant. December 29, 2012. A total of 1,200 people have benefited so far from the nativity scene in the farmhouse Castellon, known as "The Star of Bethlehem." This is the amount of visitors it received, in particular, on 26 December, the first day was held this 15th edition, with new scenes and new shows. Those who could not attend that day in Castellon, a town in the municipality of Vandellòs Hospitalet de l'Infant which remained deserted in the middle of the twentieth century and revived every Christmas, depicting scenes of thirty and participation of more than 300 contributors, they still have a chance to do it on 29 and 30 December, from 18 to 20.30. During this time, the novelty of this year, young accordionists Municipal School of Music will again play their instruments at the tavern, the same school students sing carols on the streets, and will be able to see more animals areas pens. In addition, there will smith baster, llatadores, reeds, wood and sheaves to the threshing baked again they feel the smell of freshly baked bread, the tavern they sing and smoke delatarà the coal forests, among other attractions. Those interested in enjoying this experience can purchase tickets to arrive in Castellon. The ticket price is 4 euros for children between 4 and 9 years and 7 euros for the rest of the public. All children under 4 years do not pay. For this price, visitors can wander freely Castellón, where desenrunar already finished all the houses and eating a toast with bacon. The meeting point is the football Vandellòs, where visitors will receive directions with your own vehicle to the manger. The Association of Farm Castellón, which is the entity that organizes the Nativity, with the sponsorship of the City of Vandellòs Hospitalet de l'Infant and collaboration Anavar, Tarragona Province and several local companies, was founded in 1997 with the intention of recovering the deserted town of Castellon, where at the beginning of the last century there lived about 120 people. Since then, to accomplish this task, the association organizes various activities throughout the year, such as the crib, the Peasant Party, the Festival of Castellón, etc.. With the clearing of "You Michael", this year's partnership ended desenrunar all houses and immersed in the process of rebuilding the village, which began with the recovery "Cal Pep" and "Blonde on Cal Sisco ". Currently, a group of collaborators (the Tavern League) is raising "Cal Quico Serrador."

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