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,Discover Bollywood,, film series at the Fundació Caixa Tarragona

"Discover Bollywood," film series at the Fundació Caixa Tarragona

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. Fundació Caixa Tarragona launched a series of Bollywood films in original version, with the most significant films of this genre. The series premiere features four renowned Tarragona, which are not easily accessible to the public. Titled "Discover Bollywood" film series that is programmed with the aim of bringing Asian films that continent generally have not been released in Spain. This is the sixth Asian film series of the Fundació Caixa Tarragona, but this time to go a step further and focus on the Asian film industry which is what generates more revenue locally, Bollywood. It is a huge industry that currently produces over 1,000 movies a year and is the largest and most productive on earth. It has a market of more than 1,000 million people worldwide. The term Bollywood was created in the 70s to refer to commercial cinema in India. Comes from the word game between Bombay (main producer of such films) and Hollywood. The most representative films of Bollywood are the musical scenes. In general, each film includes songs and dances typical of the country, mixed with Western pop intriguing choreography. "Discover Bollywwod" consists of four films that will take place on Wednesdays in January (19 and 26 January) and February (2 and 9 February) at 20 hours, with free admission.

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