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Volunteers from ,la Caixa, accompany more than 1,700 people with Down syndrome in Port Aventura

Volunteers from "la Caixa" accompany more than 1,700 people with Down syndrome in Port Aventura

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. A total of 170 volunteers from the "Caixa" have accompanied more than 1,700 people with Down syndrome in the theme park Port Aventura, Tarragona. The event was made possible thanks to collaboration between Social Work "la Caixa" and the Coordinator Down Syndrome band formed by the Association Andi Sabadell, Barcelona, Down, Down Lleida, Tarragona Down Foundation, Astrid 21 Girona and Barcelona Foundation Project Aura. The main purpose of the meeting was to give children, youth and adults a fun day, but also raise awareness about the reality of people suffering from this disability. In this sense, they could freely enjoy the park, its attractions and its shows. The more daring have challenged the Dragon Khan and have fallen by Hurricane Kondor. Most contents have enjoyed several rides more moderate but no less fun. Also carried out activities carried out by young people with Down syndrome: a concert by The crack of a play and Andi's ass without ants by Astrid Young Foundation 21. The presentation of the event was run by the young Catalan journalist Monica Palenzuela. The volunteers of "la Caixa" have involved all visitors to the park to participate in these activities.   "La Caixa" commitment to volunteerism "La Caixa" was born as a bank for over a hundred years with the aim of providing financial services to citizens and return a portion of the profits generated by this activity in the form of social action. Obra Social "la Caixa" was launched almost five years ago to promote the program and volunteer support with a dual objective: firstly, to promote internal development and growth of organizational entities to achieve a social management its effective volunteer and the other, mobilizing 27,000 employees of "la Caixa" and retired personnel and their families and friends, to carry out volunteer activities to help improve the collective life . Currently, the Association of Volunteers "la Caixa" Barcelona has 850 volunteers. In all, 45 in Spain are voluntary associations of "la Caixa" committed to the needs of each territory. In total, participating in all these associations, in an altruistic, more than 3,150 active or retired volunteers in the organization. Down Coordinator of Catalonia Down The Coordinator of Catalonia was created to work towards people with intellectual disabilities, especially those with Down Syndrome. Its creation stems from the desire of some of the various foundations and associations of people with Down Syndrome in Catalonia, Spain Member Down with the aim of forming a joint platform to work on improving the quality of life for all people with Down syndrome of all the Catalan territory. The Coordinator Down Catalonia aims to promote, promote, coordinate and respond to different associations and social initiative aimed to ensure and defend the rights and inclusion of people with Down Syndrome in Catalonia and their families. However, the Coordinator through the implementation of actions and activities to offer a support service for people with intellectual disabilities, their families and professionals.  

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