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Tarragona revives the Three Tombs on Sunday

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. March 11, 2013. On Sunday 17 March 2013, will be the celebration of a historical traditional organized by the Farmers Association of Tarragona. At 9 am, will be located on the concentration of Tabacalera, and start to get the cars and trucks that transport the animals involved. This year parade for Tarragona, approximately 50 vehicles of different sizes and 200 horses and paste between animals mounted, coming from different parts of Catalonia.   At 10 hours, there will be a fellowship lunch for all participants, after verification of enrollment, and 11 hours, leaving the cavallada accompanied by a band to brighten the holiday, which enfilarà the street and Ramon Cajal to the Rambla Nova, which are the traditional Tres Tombs and where the Counsellor's Association of Farmers, Father Ramon, bless animals from the gallery installed in front of City Hall (Rambla Nova).   Tomb At last there will be the awarding of prizes to celebrate the day, the participants are expected at the end of a historical 14 h. "As the president of the Farmers Union, Raul Font :" Hopefully the three tombs are followed by a large number of people, young and old, to remember the traditions of our ancestors. " "This year highlights coma recovery truck new municipal car pound of meat and two carriages landmarks owned by the City," said Francisco Zapata, director of Citizen Relations. " As for shopping Kennel, the Tarragona certain age will remember that wearing a municipal officer.   Shopping meat has four wheels, is very robust and is pulled by a perxeró, possibly the largest chariot of the state. The car, formerly distributed its load from the slaughterhouse.

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