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Tarragona live Santa Tecla with 400 events, most free, with Mago de Oz, M-Clan, Els Pets and Gossos

Tarragona live Santa Tecla with 400 events, most free, with Mago de Oz, M-Clan, Els Pets and Gossos

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. The Festival of Santa Tecla offers this year nearly 400 events, all free. In fact, the only action that payment will be the play of Faemino and Tired. Wizard of Oz, M-Clan, Els Pets and Goss will be the protagonists of this musical Santa Tecla to start on 15 September and has been extended by nine days. This year's budget is 750,000 euros, 15% less than last year. This reduction, however, has not altered the number of acts, which this year will offer more than the previous edition. On the other hand, has developed a plan of action in case of rain. Despite budget cuts, the councilor of Parties, Sandra Coloma, stressed that this program offers activities Santa Tecla 'for all tastes and ages "for nine consecutive days. The authors of the hit 'Carolina', the M-Clan, will be responsible for the musical opening of the festival on 15 September, the same day that also can enjoy Tarragona bands as El Son de la Chama and Extracto de Lúpulo. For the grand concerts will have to wait until 17 September when submitting their Mago de Oz 'Leyenda de la Mancha Tour', an audio tour for his twenty-year history. Following the festive decentralization plan initiated two years ago, the consistory decided that the Mago de Oz and his opening act, the Tarragona RSK, acting in the neighborhood of Torreforta. We will enable a special bus line that will go from downtown to the neighborhood. The Santa Tecla this year will also leave a gap at the Catalan rock. The afternoon and evening of September 18, Plaza de la Font welcome Els Pets , Teràpia de Shock  and Gossos. The next day will be the turn of Los Diablos, who, also in Plaza de la Font, will dance to old and familiar songs. Moreover, the party choice and the DO Tarragona, which until now was done in the park Granotes they will move to Camp de Mart and reggae and ska will seize them Palmeres promenades. Apart from the big names, programming this year will not forget the most representative events of the festival Tarragona known as Baixada de l'Àliga to be held on September 21. After the popular procession in the afternoon, at twelve o'clock at night the beasts of the cortege will fall from the cathedral to the Plaza de la Font, a tour of Tarragona in which elements can move the party to are the famous pasodoble Amparito Roca. Other prominent acts are 'Clow' acting in the plaza Friki, and the only payment performance, the play 'Two' by Faemino and Cansado. Moreover, exhibitions are also starting 21 for the first time there will be a fast painting contest on Tarragona. Consult the program

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