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Tarragona hosts the exhibition of jewelry ,The standard of the master craftsman,

Tarragona hosts the exhibition of jewelry "The standard of the master craftsman"

Tarragona.Costa Dorada. October 1st, 2012. Until the eleventh of October you can visit the lobby of the School of Art and Design Council in Tarragona (EADT) jewelry intended as a show of "badges" to honor the artisans of Catalonia. Organized by the Consortium of Trade, Craft and Fashion of Catalonia Department of Enterprise and Employment, the exhibition shows 57 projects undertaken by the various schools of jewelery in Catalonia, which were presented at the sixth annual competition for Master Craftsman badges and complete collection done so far. Titled "The standard of the master craftsman," will be at the center of artistic education lobby of Tarragona Province, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 21 pm. The itinerant nature of the exhibition, will also Esterri Àneu, Lleida, Girona, Tortosa and has already been seen in Vic Vilafranca. Distinction for Mireia Calaf student of EADT The 6th edition of Master Craftsman Badges competition recognized him first prize, the play 'Cre-SER' Mary Riccelli Vanessa Pascale (Escola Massana) for the successful implementation of innovation in the office jeweler and his concept of adding pieces and fit them, forming a network of master craftsmen. The second prize was awarded to Marta Roca paved with the work 'Matter' by combining different materials related to different trades. In addition, this year's event also featured two special mentions by Mireia Sensa Calaf ('spring tide'), the School of Art and Design in Tarragona Provincial, Anna Pujol i Amell ('Certainty '), the School of Labor. The 21 artisans awarded the Diploma of Master Craftsman 2011 were received with distinction, a copy of the logo contest winner 6th Badges Teachers Craftsmen, the CCAM organized in collaboration with the schools of the country's jewelry .

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