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Tarragona dedicats the cycle to the writer Narcis Oller

Tarragona dedicats the cycle to the writer Narcis Oller

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. Narcis Oller (Valls, 1846 to 1930), is the protagonist of the series of literary readings aloud the word recover, the Tarragona Provincial Government organized under the Literature Fall 2011. The old Public Library-Valls, recently restored by the Provincial Government has, on Thursday, the first stage of the session, with the participation of representatives of social and cultural territory. The next reading will take place on 28 November and 1 December 2012, at 19 am at the Palace of Tarragona. This activity, held for 8 years, the Council wants to bring people closer to the great works of Catalan literature universal, those who have been crucial in spreading the language and culture. The President of the Council of Tarragona, Josep Poblet, chaired the session reading Valleys, which also involved the Valleys and Vice Mayor of territorial representation of the Council of Tarragona, Albert Batet, with Magi Sunyer (Society Narcis Oller), Roger Red (exhibition curator Narcis Oller Valls), Antonio Dilla (Old Gang of Children Valls), Rosa M. Rovira (League of Young Children Valleys), Joseph Batet (Candle Dance), Juan Zuniga (Institute of Valls), John Cavallé (writer) and Patricia Fernandez (journalist). The event has attracted many participants. In the presentation of the event, the President of the Council emphasized the tradition of this series of readings and their role in spreading the culture: "Recover the word aims to bring the public great works of Catalan literature and universal" . Poblet referred to the literary value of Narcis Oller and also mentioned that the authors have led the series in recent years, which is part owned by a stage of Tarragona. This administration was restored in the area and gave management the council Valls. For his part, Vice Mayor and valleys of the Council stressed the traces left Oller in Catalan literature has briefly reviewed the life and work. Regarding the Public Library of Valls, stage readings, Batet has been referred to as "a temple of culture Valls" and emphasized that this equipment is acceptance among the public. The event also counted with the presence of an unexpected Narcis Oller from the nineteenth century, played by actor Marcel Ferre, who said those attending the origin of his literary obsession. Eight years of reading "Recover the word" is an activity of Tarragona organized since 2004 with the aim of promoting the habit of reading and bring the public the text of the most universal Catalan literature. This year the series celebrates its 8th anniversary. Since its launch, more than a hundred readers of all ages took part in the celebration of the word. Last year, the series was dedicated to John Sebastian Arbó ebrenc writer and his work Terres de l'Ebre, in 2009, the writer and his work Barbal Mary Stone Tartera; in 2008, Pere Calders and his Chronicles of the hidden truth, in 2007, and work to Rodoreda Broken Mirror, to commemorate the centenary of the birth of the writer, in 2006, was spent on Roads of France, the writer Joan Puig & Hardware, 2005 in Sirga Way of Jesus Moncada, and in 2004 in White Tirante of Eisner. Narcis Oller Narcis Oller is considered one of the most important figures of the Catalan novel of the nineteenth century. He was born in Valls in 1846 and studied law, an activity that alternated with his literary vocation. In 1877 a decision crucial to his literary career: the use of Catalan as a vehicle for regular communication. With the influence of Zola, Pérez Galdós, Yxart and Sarda, he cultivated literature realistic to reflect the society of his time. With his first novel, The Butterfly (1882), achieved fame in Europe. The escanyapobres (1884) is the story where, according to Alan Yates, "condense the best technical and creative vision of the novelist," which revolves around the figure of the miser and the impact of capitalism in rural society. The villains (1886) the author starts analysis of Catalan society of the Restoration. He wrote other pieces, and the gold rush (1890-1892) reached its peak of popularity and creative fulfillment. After the death of Yxart and Sarda, his advisers and friends, he published only two novels: The Madness (1899) and Pilar Delgado (1906).

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