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The Restaurant Association is organizing the Parte alta's gastronomic days.

The Restaurant Association is organizing the Parte altaŽs gastronomic days.

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. The Restaurant Association of the Parte Alta (ARPA) has organized in the city of Tarragona its I Gastronomic days. The objective of this initiative is to promote the culinary potential of the Upper Part with the added value of using high quality local products. In this regard, the Conference this year are dedicated to promote the value of Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil DO Siurana. With this pioneering initiative in Tarragona, ARPA seeks to promote and provide continuity to the experiences of marriage cooking with local produce and establish synergies with various groups. In the present Conference, the 26 restaurants that are part of the Association will use Extra Virgin Olive Oil DO Siurana to make all their dishes, thanks to a cooperation agreement Partnership have established that the Restaurant Association the top and DO Siurana. In addition, during the 12 days that will take place in the workshops, which assist customers in restaurants may receive information about health and culinary virtues of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and enjoy it to the table. Quinsac Quintin, President of the Association, stressed the importance of being able to count, and in this edition, with "an ingredient so basic and so this is as good quality oil." The restaurant operations that are part of the Conference have received additional training on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and participated in a taste of oil in order to transmit the highest precision values of this product increasingly appreciated in Mediterranean cuisine. Baiges Joseph, president of the DO Siurana, emphasized the quality of oil, "extraordinary in recent years" and was pleased "to have us winning the support of the restorers of Tarragona. Putting these days want to be a starting point to boost the supply of quality cuisine of the Upper Part, and contribute, through the variation of the gastronomic, economic development and neighborhood revitalization. The Restaurant Association of the Upper Part is an independent body created in summer 2009. Until now includes 26 restaurants in the old town of Tarragona, and is open to new members with a clear objective: to bring together under one brand gastronomic one of the tourist areas of the city. Currently, the Association employs approximately 300 people and has the capacity to feed its more than 2,000 establishments diners simultaneously. Therefore, the ARPA also born with the desire to become an economic engine in the neighborhood. The Association wants to join forces and work together in the same direction: the cohesion and the promotion of food the top, not only through the restaurants, but integrating heritage, art and commerce as a vehicle to promote this area of Tarragona . In addition to representing the interests of members, the Association wants to help revitalize the neighborhood through its wide and varied range of cuisine, and project the image of Tarragona as a gastronomic destination of high quality. The ARPA is working to achieve benefits for partners, and jointly create a brand to strengthen the Party Becoming a Culinary Destination. In turn, the Association of Collective closely with the Administration and the Tourism Board to achieve common goals and create synergies in the upper part and the whole of Tarragona.  

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