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Provincial Museum of Tarragona and Valls pay tribute to the artist and cultural activist Ignacio Mal

Valls. Costa Dorada. The museum was filled Valleys authorities and the public last Friday June 4th evening to pay tribute to the painter Ignacio Mallol . The event included the opening of the exhibition "Ignacio Mallol, the tranquility of a lost man, a country" and the book "Ignacio Mallol. The quiescent Catalonia", edited by Tarragona and the Vienna editions. The chairman of the council of Tarragona, Josep Poblet, attended the event, which brought together numerous authorities, among them Mayor Valls, Albert Batet; the councilor and chairman of the Municipal Public Museum Foundation Valls Rocio Martinez, vice-chairman of the council Michelangelo Lopez, and director of the Museum of Valls, Jordi Paris. They highlighted the importance of this painter, not only artistic level as outstanding landscape, but also as a precursor to the culture around. According stated Michelangelo Codes, author of the book and exhibition curator, "Mallol, besides being an artist of high quality is a multifaceted artist," stressing that "to him, the Tarragona region owe much" as a coordinator of the rescue tasks heritage Tarragona saved many art-historical and artistic heritage is in danger of being destroyed due to civil war. Ignacio Mallol-net representing the family expressed emotion and appreciation for all of them felt that this was an act with a well-deserved recognition to a person who in 1940 was exiled to Colombia, and a person who has made a distinctive contribution to the culture of our country. Mayor Valls, Albert Batet noted that both the book and the exhibition will serve to present the life and work of an artist so linked in the town of Valls. Clogué the event the chairman of the council, Josep Poblet, who revealed that both the book and the exhibition was presented to the city for the many valleys of Ignacio Mallol linkages with the capital of Alto Golf and highlights the fact that the public has the privilege of Valls Lighting • illustrated with the book and supplement it with a screening of the original paintings of the artist, has donated works to several museums Catalans for the occasion. Exhibition tribute The exhibition "Ignacio Mallol tranquility lost one man, one country", which can be visited until July 18, shows the work and life of the author, strongly shock to the outbreak of the Civil War. Thus, from a photograph Mallol painting a landscape of Colombia in 1940 (shortly before his death), one can reconstruct their lives and discover the interesting landscape painting, plus learn all cultural activities that were undertaken. The exhibition features twenty pieces Ignacio Mallol and a small sample of other artists of his friends, like the sculptors Monegal Stephen and Joan Rebull, or painters like Francis and Vincent Vayreda Solé, to give a broader view the artist's life. The works come from museums and collections as the Museum of Modern Art in Tarragona Province, who had hosted in 1991 the first and only exhibition dedicated to the artist. Collection Tamarit dedicated to the 26th volume of Ignacio Mallol Regarding the book, entitled "Ignacio Mallol. The Catalonia quiescent," the work is the 26th volume of "Collection Tamarit," published by the Editions of Tarragona and Vienna with the aim of disseminating art done in the Tarragona region by local or foreign authors who have had a close relationship with the territory. The author of the work, Michelangelo Codes Luna historian and curator of the exhibition also makes "an excellent contribution to the knowledge of the painter Tarragona, Josep Poblet in the words of the prologue. Village also adds that the work "reflects the essence Noucentisme" with "the feeling of repose, serenity and calm."  

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