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The police reinforced their presence on the streets during the Christmas holidays

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. From tomorrow on 4 December 2010 until 9 January 2011, police carried out a specific operation that integrates all the operating units to comply with the demands of citizenship in this period of festivities. The Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Mobility, Carlos Castillo said: "The aim of this operation is simply to ensure the peace and welfare of citizens, maintain security, mobility and avoid behaviors Antisocial. " The purpose of these devices is to ensure the smooth running of all planned events, highlight the prevention of antisocial behavior and / or uncivil, cater to the needs of any citizen, giving an immediate response and help possible to create atmosphere of security needed to live this festive period. The integration of the different operational police from Tarragona to Christmas has become key to maintaining security, mobility and civility. Devices Christmas specials will be held every afternoon from Monday to Saturday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday. Also activated the holidays that authorized the opening of shops (6, 8, 12 and 19 December 2010, 2 and 9 January 2011 in the afternoon shift). Traffic Device The presence of agents increase traffic these days and focus on those routes where the most business, which provides a large audience in these data. The agents will care for the safety of pedestrians at junctions around the Rambla Nova and shopping centers. If necessary take care of the traffic regulation, control parking, especially in bad public transport stops and loading and unloading areas, and attitudes that involve a risk to other citizens. To watch and avoid behaviors and behaviors that add risk to the streets, increased controls on alcohol, drugs and speed. The deputy mayor said that "stepped up controls, as are dates and events, but also needed to appeal to the responsibility of citizens to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages if they can drive and enjoy parties with a security and tranquility. " Public safety device With a strengthening in the number of agents of public safety, ensure the police to prevent burglaries and thefts around the shopping areas and increased monitoring to industrial estates. The public security officers, uniformed and plain clothes, will reinforce all the nights from Thursday to Saturday the control of the entertainment areas of the Upper Part and the Port District. At leisure areas will continue to monitor and control the actions of public security in conjunction with the Body of the Autonomous Police in order to avoid the consumption and trafficking of drugs and their consequences. On Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve set a special reinforcement in the entertainment areas of the city and the marina. Device for Proximity It will make an effort to increase patrols on foot, covering the trade routes over the city, the neighborhoods of West and North, with frequent interviews with traders, which will, in addition to preventive action, dealing with faster the specific requirements that can be made at this time. In addition, joint patrols with Police Corps police for the city's central streets and neighborhoods, providing greater safety and increases the coordination of both police forces, which in the interests of citizens. Other campaigns and services planned Noteworthy is the igloo operation, a protocol of action of the police from Tarragona to address the homeless that is activated when weather conditions make it advisable. This device is composed of two police vehicles, two vehicles of the Red Cross, Civil Protection and a vehicle for the social worker of the local police. Since its origin, the police had an important role in the celebration of popular during the Christmas period, (since 1927 actively participates in the parade of Kings). This year will also participate in other recreational activities such as Christmas Playpen, with workshops and activities for road safety education, collaborate in planning events on public roads such as the route of the Man of Noses or traditional race San Silvestre.

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