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Opened the 12th International Music Festival in Tarragona

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. 1st July 2012. The School of Music and the Council of Tarragona opened the twelfth edition of the International Music Festival (FIMT), held from 1 to 8 July.  The event was chaired by Vice President of the Council, Vallvé Albert, director of the School of Music and Marta Sardana and director of the Caixa Tarragona, Xavier Bas. The opening was divided into two acts that took place in the courtyard of the Conservatory of Music and the Plaça de la Pageria. In this first part of the event, held in the courtyard of the Conservatory of Music School and the Provincial Government in Tarragona, Vallvé noted the beginnings of the Festival: "Twelve years ago that started this adventure, there was budget but the enthusiasm and efforts of its organizers have the result that this event is now. " Vice President of the supra we reminded the audience that received the award and the School of Music on Friday evening, where the Rotary Club Tarragona was used to deliver the Prize "available to the city of music High level training and musicians. " During his speech, the center's director, Marta Sardana, noted that "estimates of participation have been fulfilled, we have reached hundreds of students in courses taught during the Festival." Good news was accompanied by thanking the organizers of FIMT, teachers and center, especially for organizations that collaborate. Despite the crisis, Sardana said that "the quality and level of the center and the festival has continued to rise." The musical performance of students in the classroom guitar center was liven the atmosphere of the Conservatory of Music at the end of the parliaments. Paul Dura,  "Sevilla" by Isaac Albeniz and "Hotel California" by The Eagles, accompanied by the percussion student David Negrié. Percussion Group The central component of Percubrass, was commissioned to undertake a procession to the Plaza of the peasantry, including the Knights street, main street, Calle Mercado, Plaza Forum and St. Lawrence Street. At ten o'clock at night took place in the Plaza of the peasantry, the concert Percubrass, Brass and Percussion groups of the Music Conservatory of Tarragona County Council, accompanied by a dance partner for ballroom dancing formed by Judit García and Marc Pedraza. During the ceremony, which lasted about one hour, they played eleven musical pieces that left the audience wanting more. In fact, the scales of the square was filled to overflowing with family, friends, music fans and residents of the city. The director of Metal Group, Jordi Masip, and Percussion, Paco Vidagany, went "So spoke Zarathustra" by Richard Strauss, "The Mourisque" of Tylman Susato, "Tico-Tico" of Zequinha de Abreu, "Opening for percussion band "John Beck," Ritual Fire Dance "by Manuel de Falla," Bracamonte Bolero "by Vincent Mach," Another cat: Kraken "by Chris Hazell," La Cumparsita "by G. Matos Rodríguez, "Tribute to Mangione" Chuck Mangione, "Conga" by Enrique Garcia and "Hall 44" Javier Benet. The expectation was maximum and the audience was asked at the end of the proceedings, a final interpretation. Percubrass and two dancers were repeated "Conga" by Enrique Garcia to put an end to an opening that opens the 12th International Music Festival of Tarragona. The FIMT courses and hosts concerts during the week of 1 to 8 July. Today in Sunday School and the Provincial Conservatory of Music classes taught guitar, horn and trombone, by Charles boring, Will Sanders and Jamie Williams, respectively. The three international musicians will remain at the center until Wednesday 4 July.

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