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Hermanos Caballer opens the Fireworks Competition of Tarragona

Hermanos Caballer opens the Fireworks Competition of Tarragona

Tarragona (Costa Dorada). The fireworks Hermanos Caballer from Almenara (Castellon) is responsible for the opening on Tuesday, July 7th of 2009 the XX of edition Fireworks Competition of Tarragona. Within the family of Caballer from Valencia, which dates back to 1880, this is a new company, dynamic and innovative, which is reaffirmed every time in the industry. Founded 2001. Among its most notable holdings include their presence in the mascletades of the Town Hall square in the city of Valencia during the Fallas de Sant Josep, the shows start and end of the Fiestas de la Magdalena de Castellón, the first prize at the second International Fireworks Displays Burgos, piro musical entertainment in the Lake Leamy casino in Ottawa (Canada) and the fires of the highest end of the building of the Spanish State, Torre Espacio, performed on the roof. This is his first participation in Tarragona. For the spectacle that has drawn fire from 968.91 kg mass shooting fireworks. On Wednesday, July 8th of 2009 will be the turn of the Austrian company Feuerwerke Jost from the town of Wagram. This is the first fireworks of Austria taking part in the contest of Tarragona and also of Spain. It is the leader in the Austrian sector fireworks, very close in terms of technology and style to the German, who has left such a good impression in Tarragona in all editions. For ten years this company has generated extraordinary good reviews especially for the precision in execution, imagination and perfection achieved through a wonderful technology. Among the major exhibits emphasized his debut in international competitions in Pyronale in Germany in 2007, a castle that marked the hearing. In August last year earned the historic International Monaco, a guarantee, and the Pyro-Night of Erfurt, Germany, which this year will compete in the Pyronale 2009. Tarragona Feuerwerke Jost 876.50 kg mass shoot fireworks. The International Fireworks Competition of Tarragona will run until July 11th of 2009, in Punta del Miracle, by the beach of the same name from 22:30 h. On Thursday, July 9th will be the turn of Pyrotechnics Martí SL from Burriana (Castellon); on Friday July 10th will reach the veteran Italian firm Fabbrica the Tirrena Foucher Mondragone SAS (Italy) and the company recognized Pirotecnia Caballer from Valencia contest closes on Saturday July 11th. In assessing the fireworks, the jury will take into account the occupation of the airspace, purity, intensity, duration and brightness of colors, variety of colors, brightness, size, design and perfection of form, elegance, diversity of effects, sound, together with the environment, originality, rhythm, the script of the show, the initial startup, the crescendo and the final acceptance by the public. Each criterion was scored from 0 to 10 by the jury, so that companies participating in the competition can get a maximum of 2720 points. The jury's verdict will be released simultaneously to all bidders on Sunday July 12th of 2009 at 12 pm in a public ceremony in the courtyard of King Jaime I of the City Council of Tarragona. The prizes to the contestants who chose the pyrotechnics are: - 1st. Prize: € 9000 including VAT, trophy "Venus Ciutat de Tarragona", documents and award of public spectacles of fireworks during the Festival of Santa Tecla in 2009 valued at € 41580 including VAT. - 2nd. Prize: € 6000 including VAT, trophy "Venus Ciutat de Tarragona" and supporting documents. - Prize "tronades of Santa Tecla," consisting of the trophy "Venus Ciutat de Tarragona", a document certifying the award and the company Valencian or Catalan or four top-ranked "tronada" day that will be fired at the same time on Tuesday September 15th of 2009, worth € 13,920, VAT included. - Special Award "Festa Major de Granollers trophy-White and Blue", awarded by the City Council of Granollers, and award the company from the Iberian peninsula's highest ranked Castle fireworks festival in the Mayor of the city of Granollers, with a value of € 18,000 including VAT.

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