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Gourmet collective born ,Tarragona essence,

Gourmet collective born "Tarragona essence"

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. We have already presented the first collective gastronomic of the city, "Tarragona essence", which brings together some twenty professionals and facilities in Tarragona. This is a group born with a desire to integrate with the aim of creating a structured group. That is why they have formalized their creation with the signing of a decalogue, which aims to highlight the criteria to follow for structuring and include establishments. One of the highlights of the Decalogue refers to the evaluation and inspection all establishments will want to be part of Tarragona in essence. The aim is to bet on an offer and quality products, to mark the project gastronomic Tarragona. In this regard it is noteworthy that the bet has been made "Tarragona essence" for quality local produce, products of the Tarragona and listed in the draft Provincial de Tarragona. The city also wants to become a gastronomic reference in the territory and an example will be the first act that will perform the group, next Sunday at 12pm, with a tasting of oysters and champagne Ebro. Moreover, "Tarragona essence" has defined three types of actions to publicize the group, quality products and cuisine. On the one hand actions to educate himself and professionals Tarragona, where he intended to show the value of the kitchen all current customers and future. In addition, actions will be undertaken in the street, including next Sunday, with the intention that the citizens of Tarragona gives value to the city's restaurants. And finally, actions that identify the main products of the cuisine of Tarragona, Tarragona which would identify gastronomic destination. The birth of the group has enjoyed the support and collaboration of the Municipal Tourism PLQ Tarragona and products. In the presentation, Sergi de los Rios wanted to highlight that this is the first collective gastronomic gathers the city and has emphasized the commitment to quality products. "Tarragona essence fix criteria for the project gastronomic Tarragona, betting on quality and value in the kitchen and demarcation products. The President of the Tourist Board has stated that this is a sample of capital, and gastronomic reference in the territory.

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