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The first edition of Blaufest offers 800 tapas with bluefish

The first edition of Blaufest offers 800 tapas with bluefish

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. Sixteen restaurants grouped together have produced sixteen different dishes based on fish blue Tarragona, which will serve as a cover to the first edition of Blaufest 2011. Each restaurant will offer tastings of its establishment 50 so in total, will go on sale 800 caps. Anyone who wants can do tastings on Sunday 29 May 2011, from 11 am to 2 pm, when stocks run out, "the pergola next to the Guild Fishermen from the Seraglio. For a small fee of 3 euros offered a lid and a glass with champagne Great collectible Torello. Moreover, throughout the month of June that everyone goes to restaurants in Tarragona Essence can try a free appetizer of blue fish and enjoy the recipes based on this product. Moreover, the group Mothers of Tarragona Tecletes also be present in the first edition of Blaufest and is expected to brighten the day with activity "chalk ground with Tecletes", dedicated to children. The Blue Fish Tarragona is the first of the entire area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea that has achieved a quality mark Q. The major nutritional and culinary value of their meat comes from the combination of mild climate in these regions and the common good of the waters of the Costa Dorada. The species known as Blue Fish Tarragona are sardines, anchovy, horse mackerel, mackerel, and bis vogue, and all of them are high in omega 3, very beneficial for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. In addition, fish is a good source of protein quality. Regarding other properties include vitamins A and D, in terms of minerals, particularly phosphorus and iodine content. The blue fish can be cooked in many ways, either fresh, stewed or grilled, as preserved in oil or salting. Some of these ways to savor the bluefish of Tarragona will be tasting the 28 to Blaufest. These are delicacies with which sixteen people can enjoy: 20 La Rambla: Yogurt with Cherry sardine, salicornia and citrus AQ: tuna tartare with pickled vegetables Balandra: marinated sardines with guacamole Barquet: Drum sardine Tarragona smoked tea vinaigrette Cocvla: Éclairs painted with emulsion Modena caramel mousse stuffed sardines De vins: Mackerel pickled vegetables Degvsta: Summer Salad Mackerel Arcs Restaurant: Humus mackerel marinated anchovies with the scent of lemon and mint El Llagut: Sardines with tomato bread El Terrat: Tuna with bajoques, mangoes, onions and mozzarella foam in cassis Manolo: Coca fine ham and anchovies Tarragona Mare Nostrum: Porra with pistachio, anchovy powder and hibiscus Palau del Baro: Mackerel marinated in citrus and candied orange Quim i Quima: Toast of anchovy, tomato and green olives Sadoll: Coca anchovies, mashed onion, tomatoes and olives Aragon Xaloc: Tarragona al'escabetx Sorell white with orange flowers and thought  

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