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2013 Carnival maintains its traditional essence

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. January 25, 2013. The Deputy Mayor of Parties, Carme Crespo, presented the schedule of the Carnival and the 2013 image of the year, accompanied by the King, Marc Pedraza, Comparsa the new rate and the Concubine, Monica Coca Comparsa of Colours Fantasy.   Carme Crespo said that "the effort of all we have achieved another year plan a carnival participation and quality, using the budget of 2012, ie 85% less than two years ago," and this has been a Again, thanks to the involvement of organizations and citizens to "maintain the essence of Tarragona carnival."   This is the case of the Gold Costume and fall, Pajaritu. Regarding the Gold Costume this year will again offer more than three passes with 3,000 seats of capacity. As for the fall, Pajaritu, Pipel Entertainment will organize this event so popular location also repeated in the street Puig Pallars.   Carme Crespo said "shows that working with the public, you get to add more events, more participatory and popular while maintaining quality and quantity. With 52 scheduled events can be considered a successful citizens. "   Committed to maintaining a traditional Carnival institutional events. The Barrel of Dolls and Carnival will be presented on February 5 by the Association for the Conservation of festive shapes that make them possible. Meanwhile, the 8th Drag Queens & Drag King contest, organizes and produces the Friends of the Upper Part. Friday night will feature a luxury guests, Guevara and Antonio Orozco and on the eve of the event will be popular in the Palau Congress fairgrounds.     The concert A year Carnival will Tarragona renowned artists performed for quality. This year, the stars of the day will be the strongest singer and songwriter of Guevara Barcelona Andalusian roots Antonio Orozco. A double bill will be held on Friday, February 8 at the Fairground Tarragona and produced by Music From Tamarit and the city of Tarragona. Guevara is one of the new artists on the pop scene in Barcelona. After testing debut solo projects through a model that had a great impact on the network. With the support of the leader of El Canto del Loco, Dani Martin, published in 2011 his first album, Memories of an Elephant, by the project sponsor an artist. Since then her fame has done nothing but grow with performances at massive festivals of Mercy or obtaining new artist award at the ARC 2012.   For its part, the songwriter of Barcelona Andalusian roots Antonio Orozco is now more than 15 years of musical career, with six albums released to date, which has sold over half a million copies. In the current tour shows her album Ten, in which the singer was surrounded by musicians of international stature to make a recording of the most cared for his career.

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