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Restaurant Arcs

Misser Sitges, 13
43003 Tarragona
Telephone: 977 21 80 40
Web: http://www.restaurantarcs.com
Restaurant Arcs

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. In 2004, Tarragona reunited happily with one of his sons, Carles Llobet, a chef credited Tarragona after a journey that had passed through different restaurants in and out of town, returned to her in one of the restaurants beautiful upper Tarragona: Arcs. The establishment of low returns of an old house, dating from the fifteenth century, and kept the arcades which gives its name to the restaurant. The decor is very successful and has a rustic Provencal style. In this exceptional, Carles, from five years ago (December 2009), has a kitchen walking between tradition and modernity, updating the recipes of our grandmothers and giving them "a point of innovation through new techniques. The objective of the establishment is doing a "kitchen of sensations", taking great care of the environment, touch, smell, sight and, above all, taste. After the first years of the letter of the Arcs voyage has evolved through natural selection has been divided into two parts: the right with the relationship of the star dishes at the request of the clients themselves (fixed menu). And al'esquella, the seasonal menu, with a ratio of market cuisine in which ingredients are ongoing changes. The average price stands at EUR 35 per person, drinks separately. Among the specialties of the fixed menu included tuna tartare and salmon friction with balsamic vinaigrette vegetables, salt-cured foie gras with unusual jams; coca golden anchovies and grilled vegetables, olives and cheese gratin goat, rice with lobster, etc.. The seasonal menu we found the nest of endive and lettuce with Romesco Vinaigrette, Pickled quail breasts soft, veggie chips and mustard ice cream, traditional onion soup with egg yolk, Iberian ham and shavings of black truffle and caramel of red wine stew with chickpeas Pedrosillano baby from beef tripe and grilled scallops ... When the dessert, offer the cup points digestive yogurt cream, sorbet and blood orange marmalade bitter assortment of sorbets, lemon, mango, raspberry and passion fruit ... If desired, the restaurant also has a tasting menu for 36 euros, tailored to the tastes of the diners. A short walk from the cathedral of Tarragona, els Arcs is still a good gastronomic temple, with this task well done by Carles Llobet, who struggles with hope and enthusiasm, to occupy a privileged place among the great cuisines of the capital. Interesting facts Restaurant Arcs. Hours: 13 to 16 and 20 to 23. Closed Sunday. Credit cards: 4B, Master Card, 6000 and Visa. Services: There is air conditioning.

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